What Parts of an Estate Plan Do I Need? - Bill Walters Financial Services
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What Parts of an Estate Plan Do I Need?

When I’m meeting with people in large groups, the same questions keep coming up. Do I need a will? Do I need a trust? Do I need an estate plan? Am I rich enough? Am I too poor? The bottom line is you need all three. You need a will, which directs the benefits to your beneficiary. You need a trust, to save against taxes but also to eliminate probate which is arguments in court. You also organize who’s going to receive what when and where in advance so that there’s no arguments and who gets this piece of jewelry and that piece of art. And also, bottom line? It gives you an estate plan so that everyone’s taken care of that you love, including grandchildren. So, create a plan in writing, make everyone happy, and protect them against being taxed heavily.

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