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What is the Difference Between Saving for College and Retirement?

There are drastic differences between saving for retirement and saving for college. The biggest difference is the length of time you have to prepare for college, which is anywhere from one to 18 years. Whereas for retirement, you could plan for as long as 50 years so there’s a greater accumulation period. The key point to keep in mind is not how much to save but to learn the soft skills necessary to succeed in college. And getting a college succession and a planning coach, so your child only tends for four years instead of the average of six for undergraduate. That two years difference in savings for tuition means it’s two less years that you have to save for that specific college education. The biggest vehicle to do that is through either a savings plan or a life insurance policy or an annuity. I have many unique plans available. I would recommend that you contact me so we can have a discussion face to face.


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