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Presentation – Retirement Savings Ideas When Your 401K Won’t Be Enough

It’s a wakeup call. 401Ks, once considered a cornerstone of retirement planning, may not be enough to sustain the lifestyle you envision.

You’re not alone. With rising healthcare costs, market volatility, and longer life expectancies, many pre-retirees are facing a retirement savings shortfall. What do you do? Join me for this workshop where I’ll share proven strategies to help supplement your 401K.

I’ll outline actionable strategies to help supplement your retirement income, whether you’re just starting to plan or are only 5, 10, 15 or years from retirement. I’ll also share the most common retirement planning pitfalls to avoid — like Trusts vs. Wills, taking early withdrawals without understanding the penalties, and how to avoid capital gains taxes.

We’ll go beyond traditional options like IRAs and explore less familiar, yet potentially powerful tools like Specialty Trusts, Complex Estate Planning, Simples, TDA’s, Keogh’s, ESOP’s, Inheritance Taxes, and more. Don’t let your retirement dreams become a distant mirage!

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