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How Can You Save for Your Retirement AND Protect Your Special Needs Child?


I was at a special education fundraising event in North Jersey and a former actor on Broadway and his child were at the event and said he wasn’t organized. And he said to me, Bill, what do I need to do? We sat down and we had a conversation and I asked how he wanted to protect his child. His biggest concern was, if something happens to me, I want my son to be taken care of. So, I said, Okay, let’s sit down, we’ll figure out a cash flow analysis and discover what monies you can afford to set aside to protect his future and also what you can do for your retirement plan as well so that it’s a dual edged sword. So that if you do happen to go beyond his years, you still have a game plan or two buckets to help fund his Trust. When we got done the process, which took less than four weeks. He said the weight of the world was off his shoulders and the next step for him is to help his friends become aware of it.

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