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At What Age Should I Start the Special Needs Trust Process For My Child?


Currently, I’m working with someone from Georgia. The mom reached out to me on Thursday. I said, “How old’s your daughter?” She said, 17 and I asked her “When does your daughter turn 18?” She said four months. I said, “We have our work cut out for us.” She asked, “Do you know an attorney?” and I said, “I happen to know one in Georgia who specializes in Special Needs. You’re going to need to get a Trust organized and set up. In the meantime, we could work behind the scenes and have everything done and wait for the trust to be completed.” She said, “I had no idea that has to be done by 18.” I said, “Well, you lose your right to caretake for your child because they become legally recognized as an adult by the age of 18.” She said, “I had no idea!” Again, it’s all about information and flow. Once people are aware that they can and need to do things by a certain age, you can start that process.

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