What Should I Think About When I’m Investing?

There are simple steps to get ahead with investing. You have to have a goal, so set up a goal. Simple questions. When do you want to retire? How much do you want to retire with? And after subtracting Social Security (if it’s still there), how are you going to make up that difference? Great […]

How I Start Getting My Finances in Order?

It’s said that the hardest part about climbing Mount Everest is the descent. That’s where most of the people die. When you are putting money away towards retirement, you think (and overthink) way too often and make it complicated. There’s a simple process that can be put into place. It’s called an asset map. It’s […]

Interview – Financial Strategies for Educators: Navigating Your 403B and Beyond

In this podcast episode from “Doing Business with a Servant’s Heart,” the host, Steve Ramona, talks with guest Bill about special needs planning, mainly focusing on financial strategies for teachers and school administrators. The discussion revolves around enhancing teachers’ economic well-being, explicitly addressing the limitations and challenges of 403B plans, which are similar to 401K […]

How Do I Start Saving Money?

So, times are tough, and many people are living paycheck to paycheck – or so they think. But ultimately, when you sit down, you have to pay yourself first. Now by paying yourself first I don’t mean that you take your money out and you go and live lavishly for two days, then you eat […]

Why Do People Put Off Doing an Estate Plan?

I’ve been in the financial field for quite some time. And the biggest issues are when to get started and coming to grips with the reality that you’re not going to live forever. Death is a part of life. Get over that construct and just organize your estate plan. Because it’s not about being rich […]

What Are 3 Ways to Save Money Tax Free?

When it comes to tax-free accumulation of wealth, individuals just assume that they have everything all covered. They have their professional come in, yet they don’t have all the answers. Tax-free accumulation is just 1/3rd of the bucket you need filled. There are other options to fill in that bucket. And I don’t want to […]

How Do I Start Putting Together a Budget?

So, the most common mistake people make when getting organized is not having a budget. Now they don’t think budgets are for them or they live week to week. They don’t know how to save or the proper amount to save. So, my advice is simple. Meet with someone who knows what they’re doing and […]

How Can I Lower My Capital Gains Tax on Property I Just Sold?

As you know, April is fast approaching, and people start stressing about taxes more than they do about the holidays and hanging out with family. So, what you need to keep in mind is that taxes can be reduced drastically with just a few simple measures. One of them is setting up a trust, especially […]

When Should I Start Talking with a Financial Planner?

It’s really important to spend your time and attention with a financial professional. He or she will know the difference between just putting money into a savings account versus compounded interest and a unique growth area so that you can really accumulate money towards retirement. I know most people between the ages of 20 and […]

What Does Compound Interest Have to Do With My Age?

You are underestimating the amount of money you can save over time. Do you understand that the compounding interest theory really applies more to when you’re younger? If you start saving just $200 a month at the age of 25, and you save all the way up to 65, it will result in a minimum […]